Start of Winter

 Well winter has begun in lovely Montana! It’s about 30 degrees and windy! The quick change from beautiful fall weather to beautiful winter weather has my ears, throat, and head all out of whack! I decided enough was enough when my ear started to ache and looked up some oils that are good for an ear ache. 

I saw that Purification and Lavender from Young Living Essential Oils were supposed to aid in taming an ear ache. I rubbed a few drops of each on my fingers and rubbed them on the outside edge of my ear and down the side of my neck. *** I did not put the oil inside my ear*** I went to sleep and when I woke up my ear didn’t hurt! Throughout the day I had an unruly headache but my ear ache had faded. It came back a little bit and I will put my oils on again tonight! 

I love finding new uses for my essential oils! If you are interested in learning about Young Living comment below. 
What are some oils you use in the winter time?

Love Your Journey,


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