Back to School!

Whew! I made it through my first week of school and open house! What a week… It was very exciting to meet my new kiddos for the year!

I work in a small school, so I’m the only 3rd grade teacher. I still see all my old kids and it makes me feel good that they come say hi to me! 

This year I decided to go with a minion classroom theme! My kids love it and I love it! I was searching in TPT and found a minion class decor pack.  Here is my classroom… My home away from home!

  These are my minion hall passes and my behavior chart!
  Our calendar, jobs, and CHAMPS poster.
  Guided Reading table.
  Rules, storage, and turn in basket!
  Reading loft, library, and more storage!
  I Can banner, and very messy desk!
  Minion Birthdays!
I’m super excited for this year! Also, all the new things my 3rd graders are going to learn!

With back to school also comes eating better and working out! I purchased the PiYo dvd’s from Beachbody and I can’t wait to start on Monday! 

I hope all my fellow teachers have a great year and teach your kids many valuable things!

Live and Love your journey,



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