What’s been working for me!

Ok, so I’ve been using young living essential oils for a year now and I can clearly say that I am in love!!

There are so many uses for these oils, and multiple uses for the same oil which is a win win! I’m going to share some of my absolute favorite oils with you today! 

Lavender: This was one of the first oils that I purchased. My hubby was out of town a lot and I couldn’t sleep and I was having a lot of anxiety problems. I bought this oil and started to diffuse it every night. It’s very relaxing and I still use it almost every night! Lavender is also good for sunburns. I put it on my shoulders last summer and it helped take the sting away and started to reduce the red. Another great use is that you can use it on dogs. I was putting it on my little Ginger to help prevent fleas and on the pads of her paws to help protect against the snow and cold!

Stress Away: I bought the roll-on version of this oil and I love to put it on my wrists and back of my neck. I love the smell of this oil and it really helps with stress headaches and anxiety in general. The smell just relaxes you instantly! 

En-r-gee: I love the smell of this oil and it just perks you right up! I really got into using this oil when I found out that I was on stage 3 of adrenal fatigue. If you rub this oil on the arches of your feet before bedtime, it helps you wake up in the morning and helps keep your adrenal levels where they need to be.

M-Grain: Ok this oil is amazing! I get bad headaches and migraines so this oil is a life saver. I will rub this on the back of my neck and diffuse this and it helps alleviate the pain!

These are just a few of my favorite oils, but I have a lot more! Of course you need to make sure that you use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils when you ingest or rub on your skin. I use Young Living Essential Oils and if you are interested in more information about these amazing oils leave a comment and we can talk about these oils! 

Live your journey!


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