Erin Condren life planner and school update!

Hello all!

Of course it’s been a little long while since I posted. Of course I posted my new Erin Condren life planner and then nothing else. I am going to write about the supplies and things I use my planner for!

I’m a huge fan of having a paper and pen planner. I always have been and it helps keep my life together. I’m also a teacher so a love of decorating and accessories are also a must with this planner. You can find entire groups and instagram accounts for planner decorating!

I now have a huge love for planner decorating and I am slowly building my sticker pile! Here are a few pictures of my planner necessities!


I do not live close to a target or a walmart…. I know the horror! So I find some stuff at our local shops and I’m also obsessed with etsy stickers! I have ordered some from PhiaSticks which is pictured below



These were grocery and gas stickers so I can write the amount I spend for my budget.
Also this shop has great quote stickers to add some extra pizzazz to, your planner!
Another shop I am obsessed with is
MissStickerJunkie I have a great meal planner I can clip into my planner each week! 
My new favorite is ThePlannerJunkieInc and I love her new stickers. I follow her on instagram and she is always posting her new stickers!



I totally love the dream catcher stickers, I love dream catchers!!

I use my planner with the original columns morning day and night. It helps me break down what I do throughout the day as a teacher!  Paperwork and emails that needs to be turned in, water I have drank, and then my nightly to do lists when I get home!

Onto my update…
In about a week we will be heading to Texas for our wedding!! I’m very excited! I have think I have everything ready but we will see. I’m not really one to stress about the perfection of the wedding so I’m just excited to be marrying my best friend! 
School is wrapping up nicely! We have a little less than 2 months until we finish! We get out the week before memorial day so that will be a nice change from going to school into the month of June!

I will be doing my yoga level 2 class, and a chakra class with my friend and I can’t wait!

As I add to my crazy life I will update!

Live your journey,


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