Snow is here!

Well I have played in snow for the first time and I loved it! It is a new experience to get ready for the cold before I leave for work! Warming up my car, layering up, and putting on SNOW boots! It’s a whole new story with my kiddos at school! We have to take all our gear off in the morning, and put it all on in the afternoon! New experience, but it’s so much fun!
Ginger (my fur child) just loves the snow! She has a jacket, and when that goes on she knows it’s time to play! She loves chasing snow balls and bouncing around like a little kangaroo! She is having so much fun!
Here are a few pics from our snow fun!



You don’t get to see this in south Texas, like ever! So pretty and peaceful looking!
Hope everyone has a great day and if you have snow already take the time to go play in it!
Your fellow journier,


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