Dia de Los Muertos 

Well hello November! Today is the last day of Dia de Los Muertos! I live in a very small town and you are allowed to do some pretty awesome things that way! I dressed up and painted my face and today we learned about Dia de los Muertos! 

Here is what I look like today! 

 Let me tell you that was a fun drive to work! 

Anyway… I made it to school and got ready for my third graders to arrive. They came in smiling and asking why I still had my Halloween costume on! I reminded them about Day of the Dead and they all got excited. We talked about why my face was painted that way, and read a really awesome little book they made from Teachers Pay Teachers. Then we started to create our own Sugar Skulls! They were super excited and wanted to know more and more! I also made the traditional Pan de Muertos which is bread that is made for the dead. It turned out delicious and only 2 out of my 10 didn’t like it.

 Here is my delicious looking bread!
Needless to say it was a fun day for everyone and we learned a lot!

What did you do for Dia de Los Muertos?

Love your journey,


Start of Winter

 Well winter has begun in lovely Montana! It’s about 30 degrees and windy! The quick change from beautiful fall weather to beautiful winter weather has my ears, throat, and head all out of whack! I decided enough was enough when my ear started to ache and looked up some oils that are good for an ear ache. 

I saw that Purification and Lavender from Young Living Essential Oils were supposed to aid in taming an ear ache. I rubbed a few drops of each on my fingers and rubbed them on the outside edge of my ear and down the side of my neck. *** I did not put the oil inside my ear*** I went to sleep and when I woke up my ear didn’t hurt! Throughout the day I had an unruly headache but my ear ache had faded. It came back a little bit and I will put my oils on again tonight! 

I love finding new uses for my essential oils! If you are interested in learning about Young Living comment below. 
What are some oils you use in the winter time?

Love Your Journey,


Back to School!

Whew! I made it through my first week of school and open house! What a week… It was very exciting to meet my new kiddos for the year!

I work in a small school, so I’m the only 3rd grade teacher. I still see all my old kids and it makes me feel good that they come say hi to me! 

This year I decided to go with a minion classroom theme! My kids love it and I love it! I was searching in TPT and found a minion class decor pack.  Here is my classroom… My home away from home!

  These are my minion hall passes and my behavior chart!
  Our calendar, jobs, and CHAMPS poster.
  Guided Reading table.
  Rules, storage, and turn in basket!
  Reading loft, library, and more storage!
  I Can banner, and very messy desk!
  Minion Birthdays!
I’m super excited for this year! Also, all the new things my 3rd graders are going to learn!

With back to school also comes eating better and working out! I purchased the PiYo dvd’s from Beachbody and I can’t wait to start on Monday! 

I hope all my fellow teachers have a great year and teach your kids many valuable things!

Live and Love your journey,


City Life and Country Life

Ok so it has been almost one whole year since I moved to a small town that I now like to call home. If you have read my past blog posts, I come from a big city. There are stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and all sorts of things to do. I also lived close to the water and we had amusement parks on the water and just a lot to see and do. When I first started thinking about moving and what that meant for me, my first thought was how am I going to live without a Target. Yes, I know I can be a bit overdramatic. But seriously… what was I going to do? I started to think about all the things I would miss and all the city life that I would miss and I started to realize my life would be nothing without these things.

So… fast forward to last July when my then fiancé (now hubby) and I made the long trip from Texas to Montana. I know, they both sound country, but let me tell you I did not grow up in a one-horse town in Texas. I was from a big city. The town we were moving to was the farthest thing I have seen from my big city. My hubby and I drove around the day after we arrived. He had been up there before, however, this was all news to me. We have 2 grocery stores and a JC Penny that is still called Penny’s (without a Sephora) I might add. I mean come on no Sephora, what were these people thinking! The town was very small and our major highway was a one lane road. Suffice it to say I was a little nervous and a lot skeptical. It was summer time, so I had some time to acclimate before I started teaching in my tiny town that was now called home. I drove around, learned where places are, and thank goodness for my sister-in-law she took me under her wing and introduced me to her friends and invited me places. I started to enjoy my tiny town, but I still missed my big city.

I started teaching that August and I taught 3rd grade. I am the only 3rd grade teacher and I have a total of about 13 students. Now for any of you teacher readers out there I know… AWESOME! I really enjoyed teaching at this school, and we had plenty of resources… so I really can’t say anything bad about teaching in my tiny town! (Uh oh I think I might like it here! Shh don’t tell my hubby!)

However, as much as I was getting accustomed to living, and working in my tiny town I missed my big city and everything I could do there. Nothing was as cool as my big city! So, every time we visit home, I have to do all the things I don’t get to in Montana. Now, because I am a teacher and I get my summer’s to do what I want I decided I was going home and I was going to spend the summer with my family and doing all of the things that I never get to do anymore.

Now, while I miss my family and friends…. I do not miss my big city anymore!

Yes you just read that right. The girl that wants to move home, and hates her tiny town does not miss her big city anymore.

I never noticed how overwhelming and unfulfilling my big city was. I started to like the slow pace, or ordering online and not having to deal with the huge crowds of people that come out of nowhere! I really do enjoy my tiny town. My hubby and I go to a local produce man down the street where we get all of our vegetables for an unbelievably amazing price, we enjoy time with our fur child, Ginger, the air is cleaner, we hardly eat out (at first because there are like 2 restaurants, now because we enjoy our home cooked food so much more!) Also… there is NO TRAFFIC!! I knew we had traffic in my big city, but you get used to it. Now I only drive 7 minutes to work and I hardly ever have to wait because of traffic! All of the teachers and parents and students get along and truly know each other as people and not just student’s parents or my child’s teacher. It’s a much slower lifestyle and I have really started to like it up there.

People are amazed when I say I actually like it, because it’s not my big city! But, it is my tiny town and I really love it and the people that are in it. Being back home is great because of my family and friends, but I’m already thinking about my student’s I will have next year and the teachers I get to catch up with!

So my choice on City Life and Country Life would have to be my tiny town all the way!

Live Your Journey,


What’s been working for me!

Ok, so I’ve been using young living essential oils for a year now and I can clearly say that I am in love!!

There are so many uses for these oils, and multiple uses for the same oil which is a win win! I’m going to share some of my absolute favorite oils with you today! 

Lavender: This was one of the first oils that I purchased. My hubby was out of town a lot and I couldn’t sleep and I was having a lot of anxiety problems. I bought this oil and started to diffuse it every night. It’s very relaxing and I still use it almost every night! Lavender is also good for sunburns. I put it on my shoulders last summer and it helped take the sting away and started to reduce the red. Another great use is that you can use it on dogs. I was putting it on my little Ginger to help prevent fleas and on the pads of her paws to help protect against the snow and cold!

Stress Away: I bought the roll-on version of this oil and I love to put it on my wrists and back of my neck. I love the smell of this oil and it really helps with stress headaches and anxiety in general. The smell just relaxes you instantly! 

En-r-gee: I love the smell of this oil and it just perks you right up! I really got into using this oil when I found out that I was on stage 3 of adrenal fatigue. If you rub this oil on the arches of your feet before bedtime, it helps you wake up in the morning and helps keep your adrenal levels where they need to be.

M-Grain: Ok this oil is amazing! I get bad headaches and migraines so this oil is a life saver. I will rub this on the back of my neck and diffuse this and it helps alleviate the pain!

These are just a few of my favorite oils, but I have a lot more! Of course you need to make sure that you use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils when you ingest or rub on your skin. I use Young Living Essential Oils and if you are interested in more information about these amazing oils leave a comment and we can talk about these oils! 

Live your journey!


Erin Condren life planner and school update!

Hello all!

Of course it’s been a little long while since I posted. Of course I posted my new Erin Condren life planner and then nothing else. I am going to write about the supplies and things I use my planner for!

I’m a huge fan of having a paper and pen planner. I always have been and it helps keep my life together. I’m also a teacher so a love of decorating and accessories are also a must with this planner. You can find entire groups and instagram accounts for planner decorating!

I now have a huge love for planner decorating and I am slowly building my sticker pile! Here are a few pictures of my planner necessities!


I do not live close to a target or a walmart…. I know the horror! So I find some stuff at our local shops and I’m also obsessed with etsy stickers! I have ordered some from PhiaSticks which is pictured below



These were grocery and gas stickers so I can write the amount I spend for my budget.
Also this shop has great quote stickers to add some extra pizzazz to, your planner!
Another shop I am obsessed with is
MissStickerJunkie I have a great meal planner I can clip into my planner each week! 
My new favorite is ThePlannerJunkieInc and I love her new stickers. I follow her on instagram and she is always posting her new stickers!



I totally love the dream catcher stickers, I love dream catchers!!

I use my planner with the original columns morning day and night. It helps me break down what I do throughout the day as a teacher!  Paperwork and emails that needs to be turned in, water I have drank, and then my nightly to do lists when I get home!

Onto my update…
In about a week we will be heading to Texas for our wedding!! I’m very excited! I have think I have everything ready but we will see. I’m not really one to stress about the perfection of the wedding so I’m just excited to be marrying my best friend! 
School is wrapping up nicely! We have a little less than 2 months until we finish! We get out the week before memorial day so that will be a nice change from going to school into the month of June!

I will be doing my yoga level 2 class, and a chakra class with my friend and I can’t wait!

As I add to my crazy life I will update!

Live your journey,

Update! New year!!

Hello, I’m back! Yes I know it’s been forever! With Christmas, going back to Texas, wedding planning and work… it had been a whirlwind. However, it is a new year and that means resolutions and organization!

So… my new years resolutions….
1. Eat healthier
2. Work towards 6,000 steps a day (yes I know you are supposed to get 10,000 but I’m working up to it)
3. Declutter
4. Get organized

Not much, but stuff I really need to work on.

I ordered an Erin Condren planner and it should be here on Monday! I have seen the planner decorating world and I am so excited! I will be posting a planner accessories and unboxing later this week! I bought some stickers from etsy that have groceries and gas where I can write in the amount. This will help me stay organized, and start to Declutter and plan better!

What are some ways you plan and organize?